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Kitchen Sink Blondies

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Brownies + Blondies / Chocolate

One of the very first desserts I ever baked when I started really getting into it was Blondies.  You might say my curiosity got to me.  You see, it’s like a brownie but, well there’s no chocolate.  I know, I know it sounds devastating but in truth they’re one of the most underrated desserts out there.  And, you can throw in anything and everything you may have laying around and, get this…they still turn out […]

Salty Super Dark Chocolate Brownies

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Brownies + Blondies / Chocolate / Uncategorized

There is a little bakery in Brooklyn who released a bake book in 2014 that I’ve been wholly obsessed with since it landed on my doorstep.  So much so, it was the only place I even considered getting my wedding cake from.  I may or may not have squealed like a 6 year old on Christmas the day I got to finally step foot in their shop for our cake tasting (Hint: I did.).  I’ve been […]