Hi all, my name is Casey and I started to become interested in baking + food while living in New York and working for a catering and events company.  Living in a city with amazing restaurants and being inspired by incredible chefs is what initially piqued my baking interest.  No one was more surprised and excited then my husband, my constant taste tester.

I bake for fun, mostly on weekends and I guess you can say it got serious between baking and I the day I bought my first icing tips.  Oh, what a glorious day that was.  I promise to only share with you the best recipes I come across and be sure to let you in on all the secrets I’ve learned along the way.

A few things I love:

  • The smell of my kitchen on a late Sunday afternoon mid-‘Sunday dinner’ prep
  • The color/texture/taste of fruit when it’s in peak season
  • Black (noir) cocoa powder
  • The rivulets of batter as it’s poured into a cake pan

A few things I hate:

  • Boxed cake mix
  • Cool whip
  • Food coloring
  • People who think they can’t bake.  Trust me, you can and you will


I hope you enjoy.


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