Month: August 2017

Banana Split Cake

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We all have it.  That one dessert that instantly transports us back to our youth.  That one dessert that floods you with memories and brings a smile to your face.  Growing up in Texas, it should be of no surprise that mine involves Dairy Queen.  As a kid, Dairy Queen was a magical, magical place.  An endless choice of ice cream confections from shakes you could turn upside down and would somehow, miraculously stay in […]

Guinness Stout Cake

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Cakes / Chocolate

I’ll be the first one to tell you that I read through quite a few recipes on any given week.  Whether it’s the latest cookbook I just had to have, or perusing my favorite blogs like this one or this one (also don’t forget this one) it’s safe to say I’ve seen my fair share.  Every so often I’ll come across a recipe I just know is going to be spectacular.  And this Guinness Stout cake, piled high with brûléed meringue and oozing with […]