Month: July 2017

Dobos Torte

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Cakes / Chocolate

Ya’ll, there are cakes and then there are cakes. Well, there are also tortes but let’s focus on the task at hand.  Some cakes are simple, require one bowl and can be baked, assembled and eaten in a mere hour.  This is not one of those cakes.  This cake requires several hours, a good dose of patience and a willingness to stand closely to your oven for quite some time but as soon as you cut into […]

Chocolate Cherry Handpies

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Chocolate / Fruit / Pies

As it has been well documented so far this summer, I am nothing if not a obsessive of all desserts using summer fruit.  And, for my second consecutive July 4th there is no better way to celebrate than with pie.  Some people bake pies to celebrate, some people bake pies as therapy and some people just really like eating pie (ahem, husbands).  Whatever the reason you find yourself making a pie this summer season, I […]