Month: June 2017

Strawberry Summer Cake

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This past week has been a point of reflection.  In the summer, I always try and take time to appreciate the beautiful weather, budding flowers and freshly-shorn green grass but the past few days in particular I find myself trying to be extra thankful for the little things I so often seem to take for granted.  I’ve also always used baking as a way to try and bring joy into people’s lives and to put […]

Cinnamon Sugar + Nutella Doughnuts

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My husband loves three things.  Me, Football, and fried desserts.  In fact, one year he forced me to go to the North Carolina State Fair for his birthday so he could try whatever the ‘fried-dessert-of-the-moment’ was.  In case you were wondering, I barely survived.  But, the one thing it did was pique my curiosity.  This past weekend I accomplished my second baking New Years Resolution, the baking of fried goods.  Because, how hard is frying […]