Month: October 2016

Spicy Pumpkin Bundt

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I know, I know ya’ll we’re halfway into Fall and there are z.e.r.o. pumpkin desserts to be found on this blog.  I mean, what is wrong with me right?  You see, in my defense the month of October is simply chock full of birthdays, and of said birthdays the majority of requests I get are chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate.  So you’ll have to forgive the lack of pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon, and numerous other […]

Cookies and Cream Cake

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Cakes / Chocolate

The hubs celebrated a *big* birthday this past weekend and of all of the desserts I have ever made he is absolutely obsessed with a particular Oreo buttercream recipe of mine.  He literally calls it ‘crack cocaine icing’.  You can tell how PC we are here in my household.  This cake is a labor of love, as it includes two separate cake flavors but I have to tell you the combination of chocolate cake and […]

Chocolate Stout Cake

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Cakes / Chocolate

I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like chocolate cake.  It’s the first thing my husband requests when I’m trying to squeeze dessert inspiration out of him.  It’s a staple I don’t think we never not had in our pantry growing up – my Father, whom did all the grocery shopping was a wise man.  And, it’s something I have yet to ever see someone wrinkle their nose at and pass up given the chance. […]

Peanut Butter and Concord Grape Jelly Cake

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Cakes / Fruit

You guys, I have officially dedicated the month of October to cake.  See, I have six friend/family birthdays this month…SIX.  That is a lot of presents and a whole lot of cake.  As is such, I will be baking up a storm of cake over the next few weeks amidst the celebrating and I can’t wait to share them with you.  The first is an amazing take on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, (of which […]

Kitchen Sink Blondies

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Brownies + Blondies / Chocolate

One of the very first desserts I ever baked when I started really getting into it was Blondies.  You might say my curiosity got to me.  You see, it’s like a brownie but, well there’s no chocolate.  I know, I know it sounds devastating but in truth they’re one of the most underrated desserts out there.  And, you can throw in anything and everything you may have laying around and, get this…they still turn out […]