Month: September 2016

Chocolate Turtle Cupcakes

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Something happens to you in your late twenties.  Hangovers become the most unbearable thing in the world, anyone younger than you becomes more and more obviously so, and you start having the adult conversations your parents used to have that had made them sound once impossibly old.  Like, when did I hit the age where all my friends are starting to have kids.  This is a thing now?  Yeesh.  The only possible anecdote I could think of […]

Themed Mocha Rum Cake

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Cakes / Chocolate

You all know I am an avid fan of Summer.  I live for the fresh fruit, breezy summer dresses and lazy days spent by the pool.  However, no one is more surprised than I am that I’m giddily excited for Fall.  Perhaps it’s the cooler weather I’m starting to feel in the morning, or the recipes now popping up that are all things pumpkin, and apple.  Or, most of all, it could be that football […]

The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie

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Chocolate / Cookies

The next time you bite into a chocolate chip cookie, I want you to take a moment.  Take a moment, and as the flavors roll around your tongue really assess what it tastes like.  So often, I find chocolate chip cookies rarely taste like much of anything.  Yes, there is the inherent joy that comes along with eating a cookie but more often than not I feel like they’re woefully lacking.  There is no true […]